IC card 7-OTPv2

Secure... AND Convenient

Access Control Cards

Security & Convenience - All In One Card


Our access control cards utilize state-of the-art security technology to keep you protected


Our access control cards fit in your wallet, phone case, or money clip. Stop carrying around bulky dongles, fobs or tokens


All our cards go through rigorous ISO tests to make sure they last

One-Time Password (OTP) Cards

Safeguard your digital assets. When you access your accounts on your mobile device, generate your OTP from a separate source for added security

One Card - Multiple Logins

Configure your access control cards to allow access to multiple accounts with a single card or use it for both physical as well as logical authentication

Custom Branded Designs

Our access control cards can be custom designed to look like an extension of your company brand

Our Cards Are Secure

We have tested our access control cards against all industry standard security protocols.


Carry only one device for multiple access credentials. More convenient, less chance of losing another item and you save time looking for different secure access keys.

Protect Your Information

Keep your data safe with the convenience of an offline access control card that cannot be hacked. More safety features like biometric access may be added if desired.


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