Bring Your Cards To Life with

InterActive Cards (IAC)

A mini computer in your wallet!

IAC - Your Resource In Interactive Card Manufacturing

Interactive card devices are the next wave of high demand consumer electronics. They are ultra convenient, easy to use and deploy, and reach all demographic groups.

IAC seeks to bring together component manufacturers, card manufacturers and other industry partners to promote the use of interactive cards as an alternate class of smart device.

We have over 10 years of development experience in interactive cards and have developed an automated process for high throughput production of Interactive InlaysTM and cards, each meeting ISO and Mastercard CSI standards.

Our reliable, flexible and highly efficient method enables our IAC Partners to easily incorporate new and powerful components that are made to address the interactive card and wearables market.

From Payment cards to Identification and Access Control, VIP/Loyalty, Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Gaming – the opportunities are endless!

Simple and Secure

Interesting, useful and convenient cards
Bringing more to your customers

1.5 Million Cards

Network certified mass manufacturing facility – ramping to 1.5 million interactive cards per production line, per month, in the USA

ISO Certified

Interactive cards - meeting high standards of production for durability and reliability

Interactive InlayTM

Electronic inlays that enable conventional card manufacturers to produce interactive cards using existing equipment. Win market share with InterActive Cards

Benefits of Interactive Cards

Whether you are a component supplier, card manufacturer, or a company looking for the next great product, IAC will work with you to reach your goals.

Win Market share With InterActive Cards

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