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With over 10 years of experience developing interactive cards, IAC has the expertise to help you develop your component into a viable solution, validated and packaged for easy incorporation into a standardized card manufacturing process.

Unlike traditional card manufacturing processes, IAC’s production method allows us to make small batches of prototypes quickly without major retooling costs, making us an ideal partner to help you work through manufacturing issues and develop your component into market-ready products.

IAC's Component Protoyping & Card Solution Services

  • Evaluating component suitability for incorporation into standard interactive card manufacturing processes
  • Design of basic inlay incorporating your component (PCB design services are available as necessary)
  • Prototype manufacturing of component as part of IAC inlay
  • Testing different layouts and configurations for optimal production efficiency
  • Production of sample batches of IAC inlays or complete card product for test marketing with customer
  • Software and firmware development to develop complete card solution
  • Mass producible inlay or card solution featuring target component
  • Developing quality control test programs to ensure component /card integrity

Bring us your component (biometric, display, chip, metal card material, battery, antenna, etc.) Use IAC’s expertise to help you produce quick-turn, small batch samples you do not have to figure out the entire card manufacturing process.

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