Using Technology to Better

Serve Customer Needs

Today’s consumers expect more from their products. They expect the things they utilize to be “smart”. Their cell phones are mini-computers, their appliances connect to the internet, etc. Give your customers the card they want. Upgrade their old plastic card into an interactive consumer electronic device.

We have incorporated the capabilities of a computer into a thin and durable payment card so that it may be used to improve the payment process.

By keeping the process simple and similar to their current experience, you achieve higher adoption and acceptance by customers. The card remains the most ubiquitous and accepted form of digital payment worldwide. IAC cards build on existing payments infrastructure, providing simple but highly effective and efficient ways to improve some of the largest issues in payments today.

IAC can customize functions and features you require on these payment cards. You can also choose from card types we have already developed like these below:

Multiple Account Wallet




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